The threatened introduction by the US of the so called carousel' system of import sanctions against European Union products may target Danish pig products instead of French cheese. While the axe has yet to fall this year, similar action last year cost Danish pigmeat exporters $18m in lost business ­ 15% of the year's trade with the US. "We think it's unfair to hit a little country like Denmark," said Danske Slagterier international affairs manager Arne Moesgaard. "We don't have as much influence in Europe as France, Germany or Italy." Nor do the Danes like the proposed revolving door style of trade sanctions. "The effect will be bigger and it will hit us twice as hard." But the US is playing its cards very close to its chest ­ there are only hints of what any final list may contain. The US National Pork Producers' Association is calling for the rotated target list to include Danish pigmeat exports to the US, arguing that an earlier plan to target French products such as cheese might have a PR impact, but that its effect will be much less. US trade representative Charlene Barshevsky said that a mass of requests from US industry, demanding that certain products be either included or rejected, had delayed the consultation process and a decision on which European products would be targeted. {{PROVISIONS }}