The European Commission is providing immediate and long-term technical expertise and assistance to help repair the damage caused to Indian Ocean fisheries and aquaculture by the tsunami.
The Commission also proposes to remove the legal obstacles to the co-financing of a possible transfer of fishing vessels from the European Union to the affected areas.
A large number of vessels were shipwrecked or destroyed in ports throughout the region by the tidal waves, while ports, processing facilities and almost all the aquaculture sites were wrecked. Commissioner Joe Borg, responsible for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, said: “We must ensure that our measures respond to the needs of the local sector in a way that will contribute to sustainable fisheries. Monitoring of the implementation will also be crucial to the success of these measures.”
The Indian Ocean is a major supplier of shrimp and tuna into the British seafood supply chain.
The region is also an important source for species such as swordfish, kingfish, barracuda and barramundi.