Brylcreem is taking the next step in its reinvention programme with a new range aimed at older men, which includes the brand's first unisex products.

Set to hit shelves this month, the six-strong collection is positioned as more premium than the parent brand and aimed at men older than the usual 16 to 24-year-old audience.

Three products - Texturing Gum, Styling Clay and Remoulding Paste - are designed for the unisex grooming feature, while Endurance Gel, Shaping Wax, and Natural Look Gel, will stay with male toiletries.

White and steel packaging differentiates the range from the main brand, but the logo incorporates the Brylcreem lion to show the brand's heritage.

Packs also feature a five-point scale to highlight each product's strength and hold attributes.

"With competitors already situated within the unisex fixture, it's important for Brylcreem to have a presence here," said marketing director Julie Baker.