Budweiser is putting the beer’s ‘freshness’ at the centre of a new marketing drive. A campaign has begun revolving around the ‘born on’ date that appears on bottles intended to “highlight the brand’s unique freshness credentials”.
TV ads airing now feature the strapline ‘Fresh beer tastes better’ alongside the brand’s unique ‘born on’ date that tells consumers exactly how fresh the beer is.
The TV creative, entitled ‘Brewery Fresh’, is running
across terrestrial and satellite stations. Outdoor and print ads featuring Budweiser bottle caps bent into heart shapes, under the taglines ‘Wanna date?’ and ‘Get fresh’, are also appearing to coincide with St Valentine’s Day.
Later this month, a second phase of creatives will feature the line ‘Birth certificate’, again showing the ‘born on’ date.
Randall Blackford, Budweiser’s UK marketing director, said: “We’ve always tried to bring consumers the freshest beer possible. This new campaign will explain why freshness is important.”.”