HomePride UK has axed one of its major northern wholesale distributors after it was accused of selling on to supermarkets at a knockdown price.

The wholesaler, which has not been named, was allegedly caught selling products from HomePride’s Bugs Away cleaning range at promotional prices to supermarket chains.

A spokesman for HomePride said: “Somebody complained to us about the price of Bugs Away. We investigated, and it was then that we discovered what had been happening.”

HomePride has now refused to deliver to the distributor concerned despite it accounting for a large volume of business.

Bugs Away is a new environmentally friendly range of antibacterial surface cleaners. Sales have been mounting since its launch last year, according to HomePride.

HomePride’s head of sales, Gordon McRae, said: “I hope that many smaller retailers are not inconvenienced and can still obtain supplies.”

HomePride said that it would take no further action, and was now searching for a new distributor for Bugs Away.