Rosie Davenport
Bulmers has suspended the launch of its proposed new PPS brand to focus on Strongbow and San Miguel.
Storm was expected to be introduced early next year and promised to bring new innovation to the category with a unique packaging concept.
The precise details of the product had been kept under wraps since Bulmers started developing it in March, but the drink was expected to change colour as a device released gas into the liquid when the bottle was opened.
Bulmers' decision to abort the launch comes less than a month after the company announced it was scaling back on NPD.
It had previously been adamant that Storm would continue despite the company's well-charted recent financial problems. The company also confirmed this week that Bambao, its first foray into the PPS sector, is to be "phased out" of distribution following a review.
Bulmers' PR manager, George Thomas, said:"We will continue to test Storm but its launch into the trade is now a matter of review. It's not a good time to invest in innovation, we can't take the risk in investment. We don't create a Sidekick everyday."
He added that Bulmers had no plans to sell any of its brands but that some SKUs would go.