Morrisons executives have been on the local sourcing trail, meeting Scottish seafood suppliers with a view to increasing the volume of Scottish seafood in its stores north of the Border.

Morrisons trading manager Keith Wright said the retailer hoped to increase sales of Scottish landed and processed fish such as herring, mackerel, scallops, saithe, haddock, whiting, squid, and nephrops.

He added: "We are very interested in creating direct links with the fishing boats to improve provenance on our counters."

Seafood Scotland CEO Libby Woodhatch hailed the initiative and said the industry should work hard to ensure consumers got to hear about efforts to boost local sourcing of sustainable supplies, and not just scare stories about overfishing of depleted stocks.

"There is a united effort in Scotland to achieve responsible fisheries. Our fishermen work within strict guidelines, are committed to technological advances to minimise the impact on the environment, and collaborate with scientists and government to ensure a sustainable future for fish stocks. Surely this is the key message for consumers, rather than one of plundering of the seas?"