Julian Twaites, Nisa-Today's Category Controller, Wines
This range offers novelty as Father's Day or Christmas presents, but fails in other areas. It is all very well striving to increase the speciality sector, but I cannot get excited about the fruit beers that are included.
The cork tops were difficult to take off ­ I had to use my teeth ­ and the Belle Vue Kriek Cherry beer was strange, neither good beer nor decent cherry drink. As a concept, it failed to impress.
The remaining beers were more interesting ­ I'm a big fan of the Hoegaarden brew. The Grand Cru is a massive 8.75% abv, but this doesn't spoil the flavour as there are lots of interesting light fruit tastes and spices. The Diebels was quite a pleasant Bavarian brew, but the pack won't drag it off the shelf, and the back labels weren't in English. This may be authentic, but it's not much help to the consumer. Score: 8/25