bill warnes, CATEGORY directoR of roys (wroxham)
It is good to see Findus re-inventing itself and adding these soups. While chilled soup is showing strong growth, at a comparable price there is an opportunity for frozen to capture some of the market.
The clean, bright packaging looks good in the freezer cabinet, and recipes such as Spicy Thai and Chicken Mulligatawny are modern and interesting. The range's healthy eating attributes will also appeal. Seven minutes' cooking time is longer than that for canned soups but cooking from frozen may offer a sense of preparation, and you do get a reusable bowl.
An rsp of £1.99 for 350g is expensive compared to 400g cans at 50p, but it is comparable to other branded ready meals. Aggressive promotional activity will be required to ensure volume sales.
Score 21/25