Julian twaites, nisa-today's category controller, wines
The latest innovation into the ready-to-drink market, this selection of 200ml Champagne type bottles aims to capture the modern woman who knows how to have fun. Of the wine inside, the passion fruit flavour, sold in a seductive purple bottle, was easily the best. The orange version was no different from the standard Bucks Fizz already available.
Whilst the concept is sound, it falls short of the hype, and I feel it appeals to a younger, more easily influenced audience than the one targeted.
Designed to drink with a straw to mimic the recent catwalk trend for supping Champagne, I think the modern woman would prefer to buy the Champagne.
It may easily become the success story of the year, but for me it lacks real sparkle... but then I'm not the target market. Score: 14/25