Bill Warnes,trading director of Roys (Wroxham)
First impressions speak quality here and the packaging stands out against other nut-based snacks, although within Whitworths' more natural position of homebaking, it would be lost.
Weighing in at 250g, these seem family packs and, as opening the resealable bags requires scissors, they are clearly aimed at take-home. The resealability is not foolproof though.
Whitworths' experience in fruit and nuts means a good selection and I was impressed with the flavour of the chocolate in both milk and plain. Orange-flavoured cranberry pieces work well.
At £1.99, these are not overpriced compared to other nut snacks, and the concept of healthy fruit with indulgent chocolate is a winner. The size of the bags may make prompting initial purchase difficult, however, and although this market is showing huge growth, it is from a small base.
Score: 18 out of 25.