Julian Twaites, Nisa-Today's Category Controller, Wines
It was only a matter of time before one of Britain's favourite summer drinks, Pimm's, got a serious challenger and the logical choice was what is probably Britain's finest premium gin, Plymouth.
The fruit cup is synonymous with the English summer: cricket, Henley and Wimbledon. Plymouth's classic fruit cup has served up an ace.The smooth base of Plymouth gin makes a solid partnership and with an alcohol level of 30% ­ 5% more than its rival ­ the drink shows more strength and flavour in the middle order. The delicious balance of fruits and bitters, served over ice and topped up with lemonade and a sprig of mint, gives this classic cocktail just a little more style and punch. If Pimmites' are persuaded that this fruit cup is a worthy alternative, it will be game set and match to Plymouth. Score: 22/25