Within men's toiletries, the trend towards premiumisation continues. Brands such as Nivea are helping to drive this with the more expensive Q10 lines, eye creams etc, while razors and blades, Quattro titanium and Fusion have accelerated category growth.

Gillette Fusion stands out as the launch of the year. Genuine innovation, a strong marketing plan and excellent collaborative store planning and execution led to us taking more than our normal share in the market.

Fusion was far and away the biggest piece of activity instore in 2006. We had an Asda-specific rugby league support programme, a great colleague incentive and displays all around the store.

Quattro for Women sold over and above the forecast and Gillette Venus now has a serious contender in the female shave category.

Lynx, Sure and Dove have all had a great year, too. Our twin-packs drive average weight of purchase and lead customers to buy again more frequently. We've worked well with the brands to deliver some great 12-week deals. Great price-led non-gimmicky deals equal great sales.

The hot weather through the summer put severe pressure on the deodorant supply chain. This, combined with our strong rollbacks, meant manufacturers were working overtime to satisfy customer demand.

We had reduced our range in April as part of an overall deodorant simplification strategy, and this really paid dividends when it came to maintaining summer availability of stocks on store shelves.