There has been a major turnaround and more activity. All sub-categories are on the rise and while some of this is down to grain and energy price hikes, there has also been volume growth.

Health is the key driver - inner health and shape management in particular. Special K has done well with extensions and the Red Berries variant is already worth more than half the standard line.

Hot cereals has been a major contributor and Oatso Simple is probably the most successful brand. New variants are helping but increased consumption is the real driver. Health credentials have made oats a real hero and there has been a multitude of launches, such as Quaker's Oat Granola and Kellogg's Optivita.

Weetabix is still a strong performer, but it is the brand's Oatibix range that is having the most impact. Jordans is still outperforming the market, thanks to its focus on natural products and investment in TV support. Dorset Muesli relaunched this year, with great success.

It's disappointing, though, that some manufacturers have failed to introduce NPD. We've seen more innovation this year than previously, but there have been a few too many brand extensions rather than genuine innovation.

Special K's annual January Drop a Jeans Size challenge always works well and we see uptake on Oatso Simple rise whenever it's promoted. Pricing and promotions means focusing on consumers within your channel - multibuys are good for the big multiples but you need keen price reductions in convenience outlets.