The total market is up, thanks to rising costs coupled with an increase in volume. Own-label and a few key brands dominate the category, which is driven by promotions and has low brand loyalty; consumers switch between own label and branded depending on the promotions on offer.

Although there has been some innovation in toilet rolls, with Andrex quilted and embossed or enriched with aloe vera, these represent a small share of total turnover. The vast majority of sales continue to be premium toilet rolls. Pack sizes are increasing, with consumers purchasing more rolls less frequently. White continues to dominate, taking 75% of sales.

Own label accounts for 61% of kitchen towel sales, with significant switching from 2-roll packs to

4-roll and larger. Most promotional activity tends to be extra fill, which is driving higher pack counts and encourages consumers to use the towels for more tasks. Innovation revolves around embossing and the paper's absorbency.

Facial tissue is dominated by Kleenex brands and own label. Kimberly-Clark has been active in innovation, with the launch of Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues.

But, again, while this product adds value, the volumes are still quite small.

Balsam-enriched products continue to do well and account for nearly a quarter of sales.

Household paper is well-developed, with opportunities for innovation quite limited.

But it is interesting to note that while moistened toilet tissue is booming in Europe, it has so far failed to take off here.