We are seeing consumers trading up from standard 2-litre tubs of ice cream to more premium and luxury versions, such as Ben & Jerry's, Carte D'Or and Haägen-Dazs. We are also seeing significant increases in sales of organic lines.

The most successful launches this year have been the new variants of Magnum multipacks, which were backed by half-price promotions.

Various other existing Wall's multipacks have also done well - Magnum Classic and Cornetto Cones particularly.

Other strong performers include Cadbury Flake Cones, Nestlé's permanently flashed packs, such as two for £3.00 tubs and £1.00 packs such as Smarties Cones, Ben & Jerry's and Haägen-Dazs.

Half-price and buy-one-get-one-free activity is obviously the main driver on any brand.

However permanent on-pack offers have also proved very successful this year - as multibuys or as price points.

They produce strong sales on a week-in, week-out basis, against the peaks and troughs that come during and after promotions.

Of course, the weather can have a huge impact on sales and it certainly did during the hot months of June and July this year.

However, ice cream is definitely becoming more of an all-year-round eat now, with suppliers looking at seasonal NPD aimed at autumn and winter sales and not just the summer months.

They are aiming innovation at different, non-seasonal occasions and there seem to be enough newcomers on the market to create further excitement.