Ukraine has banned the import of all live birds and bird products from the UK, The Netherlands and Germany following the recent bird flu outbreaks in the three countries.

A spokesman for the state veterinary inspectorate told Reuters today (19 November) that the ban would be valid until “the international watchdog says these countries are free from bird flu”.

Defra revealed yesterday that the outbreak discovered at the weekend on an East Yorkshire duck farm was from the same H5N8 strain  found at a poultry farm in the village of Hekendorp, near Utrecht on 16 November, and on a turkey farm in Germany earlier this month.

Defra began culling 6,000 ducks at the Cherry Valley-owned Nafferton Farm near Bridlington this week, while Dutch officials ordered the slaughter of 150,000 hens and imposed a 72-hour ban on all poultry movements across the country.

The percentage of poultry exported to Ukraine from the three countries is believed to be small. “It is worth noting that the majority of poultry produced in the UK is for consumption in the UK,” said British Poultry Council CEO Andrew Large.

The Dutch ban on shipments was reported to have had a significant effect on Germany’s Aldi Sud this week.