Jessica Ennis isn’t the only Olympic participant to have won the hearts of Brits - Cadbury hasn’t done a bad job either.

Social media analysts at Mediacom - who are tracking Twitter responses to the main Olympic sponsors - have revealed that, of the fmcg brands and brand owners, Cadbury gained the greatest proportion of positive Tweets in the first week of the Games.

Some 16% of messages relating to Cadbury’s Olympic activity were positive, as opposed to neutral or negative. The figure was 10% for Procter & Gamble and 1% for Coca-Cola.

“This sounds very low for Coca-Cola, but it has to be taken in context of the huge number of followers the brand has,” said Mediacom associate director Rory Maxwell. “Coca-Cola positivity was also higher during the Torch Relay.”

He added that brands like Cadbury and P&G didn’t usually attract a lot of criticism. “P&G products are everyday essentials and fairly benign,” he said.