Ad of the Week: Peter Kay packs in the laughs in Warburtons 'period drama'

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Warburtons and Peter Kay are two of Bolton’s most famous exports. So does Kay’s three-minute ad for the baker deliver?

Using the same ‘pitching an idea to Jonathan Warburton’ format as the Sly Stallone and Muppets ads, it sees the comic suggest a “steamy period drama”. ‘Pride and Breadjudice’ tells the tale of Warbies founder, seed salesman Thomas (played by Kay), wooing his wife Ellen.

It’s a hoot. Kay packs the story with silliness, working in break-dancing, a fake chest and a Wars of the Roses gag. Austen aside, there are allusions to Ghost, Poldark and even Kay’s old John Smith’s ad. There’s a witty throwaway line about Jonathan W’s acting ability, but the chairman makes the perfect foil. Great fun.

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  • I quite like Peter Kay and he brings some fun and quirkiness to the ad, but surely using the chairman as a stooge has had it's day.
    Also it could be argued that aside from, I'm sure the massive cost, the film is simply to convoluted and long, even in it shortened version.
    Will it work for Warburton's, well I guess if you throw enough money at anything then the answer is, probably yes, but at what cost!!

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