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Kenyan shortfall set to drive up tea prices

In Kenya, 2019 is likely to see a 12% year-on-year decline in output due to droughts in March

Grocer Price Index

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Rapeseed crop still to recover from 2018 heatwave

Prices are currently at €358.80/Mt for EU rapeseed, which is 5% higher than last year


Spain to benefit from Italy's olive oil woes as prices soar

Italy’s extra virgin olive oil is now far more expensive than Spain’s, with Spain expecting a bumper crop

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How chocolate makers can help put an end to Ivorian deforestation

Progress has been made, but chocolate manufacturers have work to do, says Rob McWilliam, head of Earthworm Foundation


Cocoa prices set to rise despite production boom

Worldwide cocoa production looks set to hit a record 4.85 million tonnes in 2019

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Beef supplies could be disrupted by cold weather and Brexit

Supplies of beef will likely tighten towards the end of 2019

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Crisp aisle hit by price hikes after effects of 2018 heatwave

Branded and own-label crisps prices have been affected by potato shortages


Sugar prices could rise 'more than 100%' in event of no deal

If the UK leaves Europe with no deal, WTO tariffs could be applied to sugar imports

Sake & Sushi

EU-grown sushi rice hit by shortage after 2018 heatwave

Wholesale prices for EU-grown sushi rice are in double-digit growth


Shoppers feel the crunch as new wine duty hikes kick in

Exclusive research by The Grocer reveals the supers have passed a significant portion of the tax on to customers


Plant-based diets helping to raise price of almonds

Current almond prices are up 10% year on year as consumers seek plant-based protein

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Vanilla and cardamom prices spiral after poor weather

Suppliers have found themselves at the mercy of a 30% spike in cardamom prices after shortages emerged


Global banana glut sees wholesale prices fall

Average prices of imports to the UK are down 11p/kg on the equivalent week to 21 January during the past two years


Why food and drink faces a volatile, more expensive 2019

With Brexit, the US-China trade war and El Niño in the mix, grocery should brace for a tough year

Palm Oil

Boost to palm oil prices as Indonesian export levies eased

Prices have been pushed up further by Malaysia announcing a review of duties and taxes on the commodity


US-China trade talks boost soybean prices

Prices for US soybeans came under pressure last year after China imposed 25% tariffs on US soybean exports

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Nigerian demand hikes Thai rice price

Prices were further driven by increased sales to the Philippines amid lower supplies due to typhoons


Cocoa prices inflated as wet weather hits Ivory Coast

Further upward pressure has been added by lower stocks in Europe and the US


Chicken prices hit record levels after CO2 crisis

Soaring feed costs caused by a global shortage have also led to the price increases

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Trade wars, extreme weather and disease pose threat to food prices in 2019, warns report

Trade wars, disease and extreme weather are threatening to cause volatility next year, according to the bank’s annual Outlook report

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Do Defra’s plans for 'fair dealing' with farmers add up?

New proposals could see the government intervene in pricing negotiations by giving farmers access to wholesale sales data from processors