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Birds Eye Crispy Pancakes with Tomato & Mozzarella 266g 5000116124411 (1)

Birds Eye Crispy Pancakes Tomato & Mozzarella: acid test

This frozen product from Birds Eye promises a ‘modern twist’ on the traditional crispy pancake


Wow Focus Mixed Berry: acid test

This sugar-free energy drink contains vitamins, amino acids and natural caffeine

waitrose steaks

Waitrose New York Inspired Beef Steaks: acid test

Fresh beef is holding its own despite consumer trends towards vegetarian and vegan options

Allinsons White Sourdough 650g

Allinson’s Serious White with Sourdough: acid test

Allinson’s has moved to tap the trend for premium wrapped bread with this sourdough loaf

tesco frozen jaffa cake

Tesco Jaffa Cake: acid test

In frozen desserts, own label is way out in front

Roasted Garlic Ketchup

Heinz Gourmet Roasted Garlic & Sundried Tomato Ketchup: acid test

Heinz moved this summer to recoup that near-£5m loss with the premium Gourmet trio


Morrisons Veggie Beer Battered Halloumi: acid test

This NPD from Morrisons wants to capitalise on halloumi’s growing reputation as a stand-in for fish in fish and chips


Peperami Pastry Rolls: acid test

This year has seen a slew of new launches from Peperami, including these new pastry rolls

0919 Halo Top Cookies and Cream Product Image Front

​Acid Test: Halo Top Cookies & Cream

Halo Top was a sensation in its US homeland by the time it arrived in early 2018 in the UK

Extra Special Chocolate Torte - vegan

Asda Extra Special Chocolate Torte: acid test

This plant-based dessert is made with cashews, almonds, Belgian dark chocolate and coconut milk

birds eye veggie bowl

Birds Eye Veggie Bowl: acid test

Birds Eye sees vegetarian options as a way back to growth after frozen ready meals lost value last year