Latest product test

0919 Halo Top Cookies and Cream Product Image Front

​Acid Test: Halo Top Cookies & Cream

Halo Top was a sensation in its US homeland by the time it arrived in early 2018 in the UK

Extra Special Chocolate Torte - vegan

Asda Extra Special Chocolate Torte: acid test

This plant-based dessert is made with cashews, almonds, Belgian dark chocolate and coconut milk

birds eye veggie bowl

Birds Eye Veggie Bowl: acid test

Birds Eye sees vegetarian options as a way back to growth after frozen ready meals lost value last year

kraft heinz weightwatchers mexican bean chilli ready meal

Weight Watchers from Heinz: 3 Bean Mexican Chilli with Rice: acid test

The value of Kraft Heinz’s Weight Watchers brand has been waning for several years

Jack's Sorbet

Jack's Lemon Sorbet: acid test

The product is part of an ice cream tub market up 9.9% this year in grocery

sainsbury's taste the difference raspberry vinaigrette

Sainsbury's Raspberry Vinaigrette: acid test

For its ‘lovely flavour’ and ‘great taste’ consumers put the vinaigrette above the category norm

bahlsen choco moments mint biscuits

Bahlsen Choco Moments Crunchy Mint: acid test

Choco Moments were the big launch of 2018 for fast-growing German biscuit maker Bahlsen

marks and spencer edamame bean burgers

M&S Veggie Edamame Bean Burgers: acid test

Take-home sales of own-label meat-free and vegan-friendly items are up 20.3% over the past year

Iceland Takeway Chicken Tikka

Iceland Takeaway Chicken Tikka Masala: acid test

This long-standing option is one of Iceland’s products to have recently had palm oil removed

walkers max strong range

Walkers Max Strong Chilli & Lime: acid test

The UK’s crisps sector has grown by 3.6% to £914.5m in take-home value sales amid a flurry of NPD

Kit Kat Senses

Kit Kat Senses: acid test

Take-home value sales of individually wrapped chocolate assortments have hit £224m