Latest product test

Extra Special Chocolate Torte - vegan

Asda Extra Special Chocolate Torte: acid test

This plant-based dessert is made with cashews, almonds, Belgian dark chocolate and coconut milk

marks and spencer edamame bean burgers

M&S Veggie Edamame Bean Burgers: acid test

Take-home sales of own-label meat-free and vegan-friendly items are up 20.3% over the past year

Iceland Takeway Chicken Tikka

Iceland Takeaway Chicken Tikka Masala: acid test

This long-standing option is one of Iceland’s products to have recently had palm oil removed

walkers max strong range

Walkers Max Strong Chilli & Lime: acid test

The UK’s crisps sector has grown by 3.6% to £914.5m in take-home value sales amid a flurry of NPD

Kit Kat Senses

Kit Kat Senses: acid test

Take-home value sales of individually wrapped chocolate assortments have hit £224m

PG Tips Perfect with Dairy-Free

PG Tips Perfect with Dairy-Free: acid test

Free-from continues to be a bonanza for ­grocery

le joli mexican lime and mint drink

Le Joli Sparkling Mexican Lime & Mint: acid test

Supermarket shoppers took home an extra 33.5 million litres of flavoured water last year

coca cola exotic mango

Diet Coke Exotic Mango: acid test

Exotic Mango and Feisty Cherry are the brand’s first new flavours since 2003

magnum white pot

Magnum White: acid test

Ice cream’s value is soaring. Take-home sales rose by 7.2% last year to £969.2m due to price increases

Burts Chips Jim Beam

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Potato Chips Original BBQ: acid test

Burts last month launched its latest tie-up with an alcohol brand

del monte gold pineapple

Del Monte Gold Pineapple Chunks in Juice: acid test

Canned fruit had much-needed value pumped into it last year

mr lees dragon fire vegetable noodle pot

Mr Lee's Noodles: Dragon Fire Vegetables - acid test

Mr Lee’s, the healthier pot noodle startup, dramatically overhauled its SKUs last summer

kp orange nut fudge mix

KP Orange Nut Fudge Energy Mix: acid test

Nuts are expected to be the fastest-growing category in snacks over the next five years

Sprite Cucumber

Sprite Lemon Lime & Cucumber: acid test

CCEP unveiled this sugar-free Sprite variant in February as part of a strategy to broaden its portfolio of drinks unaffected by April’s sugar tax

Ginsters Pulled Pork Slice

Ginsters Pulled Pork Slice: acid test

Ginsters is the UK’s top savoury pastry brand. It sold an extra 3.2 million units last year

Marmite reduced salt

Marmite Reduced Salt: acid test

Unilever unveiled its new Marmite variant last month

Freddo Faces

Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Face Cakes: acid test

After three years of value decline, the sweet biscuits category returned to growth in 2017


Lucozade Sport FitWater: acid test

Bottled water is buoyant. Brits downed an extra 103.6 million litres over the past year

Kelloggs No Added Sugar

WK Kellogg No Added Sugar Granola: acid test

In January, Kellogg’s rolled out WK Kellogg – a vegan-friendly cereal range featuring organic and no-added-sugar variants

Sandows Cold Brew

Sandows Cold Brew Coffee: acid test

For the past few years, cold-brew coffee – coffee infused with cold water overnight – has been the hip alternative to traditional energy drinks

Jacobs Ciabatta

Jacobs Ciabatta Caramelised Onion Crackers: acid test

Jacobs launched its three-strong Ciabatta cracker range to tap “the growing trend of lighter offerings for lunch”