waitrose 1 muesli

Waitrose 1 Honey, Cashew & Toasted Coconut Muesli: acid test Subscription

23 Mar 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

It’s a tough time for cereal. The category has seen £51.8m wiped off sales

golden oreo

Golden Oreo: acid test Subscription

16 Mar 2017 | By Beth Gault

Despite a decline in everyday biscuit consumption, American giant Oreo gained £11.8m in UK sales last year

batchelors smokey bean casserole

Batchelors Smokey Spanish Bean Casserole: acid test Subscription

10 Mar 2017 | By Beth Gault

Brands across numerous categories continue to innovate to satisfy consumer demand for protein-rich options

napolina stir through pasta sauce

Napolina Stir Through Pasta Sauce - Marinara: acid test Subscription

02 Mar 2017 | By Beth Gault

With more Brits opting for freshness and avoiding options high in sugar and salt, ambient cooking sauces have lost 4.8%

marks and spencer chocolate cookie dough bites

Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites: acid test Subscription

23 Feb 2017 | By Beth Gault

The biscuit category has seen £25.5m wiped off its value sales over the past year

co-op irresistible pizza

Co-op Goats Cheese & Beetroot Chutney Pizza: acid test Subscription

16 Feb 2017 | By Beth Gault

Supermarkets have sold an extra £19.2m worth of pizza in the past year

soffles pitta chips

Soffle's Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Chips: acid test Subscription

09 Feb 2017

Soffle’s Pitta Chips secured its first listing in the mults last summer

wahaca taco kit

Wahaca Soft Taco Kit - Mojo Tomato & Garlic: acid test Subscription

02 Feb 2017 | By Lisa Riley

Street food is hitting the spot with British consumers in line with increasing hunger for spicy flavours

sainsbury's beetroot and goats cheese bakes

Sainsbury's Beetroot & Goats Cheese Bakes: acid test Subscription

02 Feb 2017 | By Beth Gault

Beetroot looks likely to be a top flavour of 2017

free'ist popcorn

Free'ist Sugar Free Caramel Crunch Popcorn: acid test Subscription

26 Jan 2017 | By Beth Gault

Launched in 2013, the Free’ist brand set out to make products suitable for diabetics

edamame mung bean Fettuccine

Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine: acid test Subscription

19 Jan 2017 | By Beth Gault

Vegetable-based carb replacements are popping up everywhere

tesco frozen smoothie

Tesco Frozen Smoothie - Apple, Pear & Kiwi: acid test Subscription

12 Jan 2017 | By Beth Gault

The range includes Strawberry, Mango & Banana, and Strawberry, Raspberry & Blackcurrant variants

mornflake go protein porridge chocolate

Mornflake Go! High Protein Porridge - Chocolate: acid test Subscription

06 Jan 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

Breakfast is once again appealing to Brits, but the cereal category is missing out

shreddies max oat and cranberry

Shreddies Max Protein: Cranberry & Oat Granola: acid test Subscription

08 Dec 2016 | By Beth Gault

Nestlé is hoping to compete with rivals Weetabix and Fuel10k

co-op crunchy mexican nut mix

Co-op Loved By Us Crunchy Mexican Nut Mix: acid test Subscription

24 Nov 2016 | By Beth Gault

With their high protein content and healthier credentials than some other snacking options, nuts are flying off the shelves

soreen squidgy cake toffee

Soreen Squidgy Cake Minis Toffee: Acid Test Subscription

17 Nov 2016 | By Beth Gault

Brands are looking to create single-portion packs to reduce calorie and sugar content

graze chocolate cherry tart

Graze: Our Version of a Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart: acid test Subscription

11 Nov 2016 | By Beth Gault

Volume sales of chocolates are down 1.9%, and sugar sweeties have fallen 1.6%

waitrose chilli and mango dressing

Waitrose Alphonso Mango, Chilli & Pineapple Dressing Subscription

11 Nov 2016 | By Beth Gault

Sales of chilli sauces were up 6.7% this year as consumers, inspired by world cuisine, craved a fiery kick

spoon granola

Spoon Granola: Peanut & Apple: acid test Subscription

03 Nov 2016 | By Beth Gault

Spoon Cereals began as a pop-up stand in London in 2013, and later secured investment on Dragons’ Den

uncle bens rice medley

Uncle Ben's Rice Medley: acid test Subscription

03 Nov 2016 | By Beth Gault

Pouched is the only part of the rice & noodles category that has seen significant growth this year

co yo salted caramel

CoYo Coconut Milk Yoghurt Alternative: Acid Test Subscription

25 May 2017 | By Beth Gault

Dairy alternative yoghurts are flying out of chillers

alpro go on

Alpro Go On yoghurt: Plain - acid test Subscription

11 May 2017 | By Beth Gault

As the demand for dairy alternatives has grown, so has Alpro, with the free-from brand last year achieving an extra £26.7m

asda apple asparagus lime smoothie

Asda Apple, Asparagus and Lime Smoothie: acid test Subscription

27 Apr 2017 | By Beth Gault

Smoothie value sales are up a whopping 18.5%, adding £24.4m to the category over the past year

youngs crispy prawns

Young's Crispy Prawns - Asian Style Soy & Ginger: acid test Subscription

06 Apr 2017 | By Beth Gault

Frozen fish outperformed the rest of the frozen category last year

David Sables video still

Why an innovation drought is about to hit fmcg - video Video

21 Mar 2017

David Sables of Sentinel Management Consultants explains why NPD is becoming ever harder for brands

Califia range

The best of NPD from Natural Products Expo West

20 Mar 2017 | By Claire Nuttall

Claire Nuttall reviews the best innnovation from this year’s expo, including plant milks - and skinless popcorn

David Sables innovation quote

An innovation drought is about to hit fmcg Video

20 Mar 2017 | By David Sables

Brand manufacturers are finding it harder to square retailer and consumer needs

british veg one use

Very much open for business: IFE Preview 2017 Video Subscription

17 Mar 2017 | By Alex Wright

IFE 2017 is a chance to gauge the export market post Brexit vote, and to check out all the best NPD

innovation top 10

What factors will make NPD click with today's shoppers? Video Subscription

17 Feb 2017 | By Daniel Selwood

If you believed the newspapers you would be forgiven for thinking food innovation was limited to either ‘shrinkflation’ or ‘clean eating’

dairy cow

Free-range milk: sounds great... but what exactly is it? Subscription

13 Jan 2017 | By Kevin White

Two new rival “free-range milk” brands are imminent…

chris blythe quote web

Successful NPD is about core values Subscription

05 Jan 2017 | By Chris Blythe

It’s important we seek out new ways to expand our brand portfolio, and that we do so in a planned and thoughtful manner

Cannabis drink

Bonkers booze, British cool and cannabis in a can: the top trends from Sial 2016

20 Oct 2016 | By Daniel Selwood

This year’s biennial innovations event in Paris didn’t disappoint on NPD


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