Sainsbury's local

Sainsbury’s logistics director Richard Fleming has slammed current delivery restrictions, claiming local authorities have “no creativity in their decision making.”

The Environmental Health Officer (EHO) “too often defaults to their standard mode” on freight restrictions, Fleming told delegates at the Quiet Cities summit in London this week.

“An increasingly large part of our business is our convenience stores but 50% of Sainsbury’s deliveries to c-stores are subject to delivery restrictions” as a result of planning rules or residents complaining to the EHO, Fleming said.

“If we’re not careful, we could end up carrying out lots of complicated delivery routes. Sainsbury’s have two depots solely to serve the c-stores in London so we can minimise our mileage. We have a central London store that has always had a 1am delivery. Now new flats are being built next to it, and the EHO is reconsidering the delivery time.”