Aldi has recalled a batch of its Choceur Treasures chocolates after salmonella was detected in the product.

The 200g packs of whole hazelnuts wrapped in waffle and milk chocolate have a best before date of 1 September 2015, and have been on sale in Aldi stores in the Midlands only. The FSA said no other products were known to have been affected.

Aldi has placed product recall notices in relevant stores, and any customers who bought one of the affected products are advised to return it for a refund.

“Please be assured that the safety of our shoppers is our number one priority and this was an isolated incident,” said a spokesman for the retailer.

In 2006, Cadbury was forced to recall more than one million chocolate bars across seven product lines after an outbreak of salmonella, which was linked to a leaking pipe at the company’s factory in Herefordshire. Owner Cadbury Schweppes was fined £1m for hygiene offences.