A second bird flu outbreak in The Netherlands has been announced by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

Officials this afternoon (20 November) announced that an H5 strain of avian influenza had been detected at a chicken farm in Ter Aar, in the province of Zuid Holland. Ter Aar is about 27km from the site of last weekend’s outbreak of bird flu on a poultry farm in Hekendorp, near Utrecht - which led to the culling of 150,000 hens.

The NVWA said a further 43,000 hens would be culled, while a second, 72-hour ban on transportation of poultry products across the country would be imposed.

Dutch minister for agriculture Sharon Dijksma said the pathogenic status and precise strain of bird flu had not been determined and was subject to further analysis by ministry officials.

The earlier Dutch outbreak of bird flu was confirmed as H5N8, the same strain that was found on the Cherry Valley-owned Nafferton Farm site in East Yorkshire and at a farm in Germany this month.

Defra has culled 6,000 ducks on the East Yorkshire farm, while a 10km restriction zone has been created around the site.