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Time is running out to enter The Grocer Gold Factory Manager of the Year 2020

The new award was created to celebrate the heroic efforts made by food and drink suppliers to keep supplies on supermarket shelves during the coronavirus crisis

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Drinks giants reveal major packaging advances to mark Recycle Week

Recyling was also increasing and becoming more consistent in the year prior to lockdown, said Wrap

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City snapshot: Profits lose fizz at Irn-Bru maker AG Barr as lockdown hurts hospitality sales

The shutdown of the hospitality sector during the first coronavirus lockdown in March hit the Irn-Bru maker


Offblak tea start-up brewing US launch with new funding

London tea start-up Offblak has completed a six-figure funding round to break into the US market.


Drinks suppliers faced with can shortages as sales soar

Demand for canned drinks has surged in the wake of the pandemic

Lucozade Energy

Lucozade Ribena Suntory shifts to its drink-later portfolio to offset Covid-19 trading hit

The dramatic collapse in footfall on the high street depressed demand for impulse soft drink purchases with consumers stuck at home


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Camden Town Brewery faces identity challenge following full AB InBev integration

AB InBev has done wonders for Camden’s reach. But, as two senior figures take a back seat, the brewer could risk losing its independent character

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Jack Daniel’s serves up a rush of satisfaction

Jack Daniel’s new ad begins, not unexpectedly, with a bartender pouring a serve of JD over ice

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Can Carlsberg pull off a shift to becoming a ‘total beverage’ supplier?

It’s encouraging to see Carlsberg embracing the future in a sensible, progressive way

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Estrella Damm underlines ocean commitment with moving dance

The underwater ad, called ‘Soul’, aims to reinforce the brand’s commitment to protect the oceans

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The post-coronavirus world is the perfect opportunity for beer exports to become greener

Beer exporters have long stuck to tried and tested business models. But now there is appetite for change, says Francois Sonneville, a senior beverages analyst at Rabobank

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Calorie labelling on booze is much needed – but doesn’t go far enough

Brands need to be clearly labelling everything – calories, carbs, sugar and fats, says Tom Bell, director and founder of SkinnyBooze and SkinnyBrands

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When will Coca-Cola loosen its lips on its plans to move into booze?

The EH Canning brand could cover cocktails, wine or – more likely – hard seltzer

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Peroni’s positive message is warmly welcomed

We Brits don’t really know how embedded in Italian culture ‘La Passeggiata’ – an evening, social stroll – really is


The Carlsberg-Marston’s joint venture will back both businesses where they need support

Carlsberg and Marston’s new joint venture, announced this week, deserves a toast

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Pubs must overcome a series of hurdles before serving up post-lockdown pints

The government’s dream of ‘continental-style’ drinking will need practical support to become a reality

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Shoppers deserve clarity on ‘light’ alcoholic drinks

The industry faces rules that hinder when it comes to determining the difference between ‘low & no’, ‘alcohol-free’ and lower-abv options, says Jason Clarke, co-founder of Genius Brewing

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The gin boom is fizzling out: what next for its raft of small suppliers?

There are now simply too many smaller suppliers, without enough loyal shoppers to sustain them

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Daniel Craig opts for Heineken in Bond beer campaign

With new Bond film No Time To Die imminent, Daniel Craig is back


A sugar tax would clobber pre-mixed cocktails. Why not make a labelling change?

A sugar tax on top of alcohol duties and the PDPD ban would surely drive some smaller suppliers out of business


If anyone can make an alcohol-free bar work, BrewDog can

BrewDog can use the bar to test products, as well as gauge demand for the concept


Are alcoholic drinks brands crossing a line with ‘healthier’ positioning?

The past year has seen the launch of a multitude of brands that don’t make health claims, but do tout themselves as a healthier alternative

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Edinburgh Gin takes viewers to the home of Hogmanay

Edinburgh Gin is leading on flavour with its first TV ad


Hard seltzers encourage underage drinking? Don’t be so dramatic

Hard seltzers are lightly flavoured, don’t contain sugar and come in grown-up packaging

Tiny Rebel's Cwtch

Portman Group’s latest Tiny Rebel ruling is worse than VAR

Portman Group craven in its response to a single complainant