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City snapshot: Nestlé agrees $5.75bn Bountiful Company supplements deal

Nestlé has boosted its presence in the global nutrition and supplement market with the US$5.75bn acquisition of The Bountiful Company

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Nestlé to axe 600 jobs as it closes factory in Fawdon, Newcastle

Nestlé is to switch focus to production of its biggest brands


City News: Nestlé posts strongest quarter in a decade

Nestlé solidified its position as one of food and drink’s star performers in the pandemic



Is carbon offsetting really helping fmcg brands save the planet?

It’s an established practice allowing businesses to achieve net zero CO2 emissions. But is it effectively greenwashing?

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The Hut Group: how THG cracked DTC

Through acquisitions and investment in tech, THG has become a go-to for brands looking to move into direct selling. What’s its secret?


Can new UK laws put an end to illegal deforestation?

Defra is regulating to make sure companies do not use commodities produced on illegally deforested land. Do the measures add up?


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Why the fmcg giants will remain winners in life after lockdown

Big food brands are reaping the rewards as in-home consumption remains strong, says Warren Ackerman, head of European consumer staples research at Barclays

Nestle Fawdon factory

Nestlé’s factory closure is a kick in the teeth for staff - and could be for its smaller brands too

Nestlé has announced plans to close its factory in Fawdon, near Newcastle, which produces Rolo, Munchies and Fruit Pastilles

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How Nestlé is blazing the trail of sustainability initiatives – and transparency

Nestlé has laid down the gauntlet to other fmcg companies with regards to its climate commitments, says Warren Ackerman, head of European consumer staples research at Barclays