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FDF signs raft of food & drink players up to Action on Fibre initiative

Backed by General Mills, Premier Foods, Nestlé, Pladis and more, the initiative would make high-fibre diets ‘more appealing, normal and easy for the population’, said the FDF

NEW Bisto drum

Bisto sizes down packaging but increases product in sustainability play

The supplier has cut down the size of its Bisto drums by 8mm

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Premier Foods launches hybrid working to boost productivity

Premier Foods is introducing a new hybrid working model aimed at boosting productivity and personal wellbeing

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What does the reopening mean for food and drink stocks?

With the FTSE250 at pre-Covid levels, and the FTSE350 actually trading higher, we look at how grocery, retail, leisure and food to go stocks have fared


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Industry must look inwards on food waste before criticising consumers

As the UK’s inaugural food waste week approaches, thousands of tonnes of edible produce is still ending up as animal feed or going to AD