Cadbury and Nestlé remain at the top of the brand chart, but this week they exchange places.
Cadbury has taken the number one spot with a number of buy-one-get-one-free offers on ice cream, biscuits and donuts.
Birds Eye and Coca-Cola remain unchallenged at third and fourth places respectively.
Walkers has moved down three places to number nine, making way for Heinz, McVitie’s and Stella Artois, all climbing to fifth, sixth and seventh places respectively.
Price promotions and multibuys have helped push all three brands ever closer toward the top end of the brand chart.
Heinz has also been offering extra-fill promotions on many of its sauces.
Two new entries join the top ten brands this week, propelled by multibuys that are supported heavily by gondola-end displays.
A number of bogofs have put Young’s in eighth position, while sneaking in at number ten is Kleenex with a mixture of price promotions and extra-fill promotions on tissues.