Cadbury has already kicked off the longest Easter build-up since the Second World War.

Cadbury delivered stocks of Creme Eggs in the last week of December to selected retailers. A new TV campaign, comprising four different ads called Goo Dares Wins kicked off on New Year's Day.

The confectioner also launched a website where people can sign up to take dares, linking up to Cadbury's ongoing Spots V Stripes Olympic tie-up.

Cadbury said it intended the marketing support to lead to Creme Egg sales at Easter beating last year's increase of 6.2% to £48.9m [IRI 12w/e 24 April 2010].

"Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of the UK's favourite pieces of confectionery and we think they could possibly also be the biggest-selling if they were on sale all year round," claimed Tesco seasonal confectionery buyer James Waugh.

Cadbury Easter brand manager Kate Knight said the company rejected the idea of selling the eggs all year round "because of the excitement created by their limited availability".

Cadbury introduced Twisted bars in 2008 as an all-year solution.