Cadbury Schweppes has announced plans to enter the UK chewing gum market.

The confectionery giant said that it would launch its chewing gum brand Trident in the UK in the first half of 2007.

According to Cadbury, Trident is the world's second largest chewing gum brand and the company holds a 26% share of global chewing gum sales.

Simon Baldry, managing director of Cadbury Trebor Bassett, said: “We see massive potential in the UK for Trident. With our expertise and knowledge of the nation's confectionery business, we are well positioned to introduce Trident here.”

Meanwhile, Cadbury also announced that it would maintain its sales targets for 2007 but would scrap a specific target for operating margins.

It said that it would look to grow annual sales between 3 and 5% per year and to grow operating margins over time.

Todd Stitzer, chief executive of Cadbury Schweppes, said: “I'm confident our team will exploit and expand our competitively advantaged confectionery and beverage businesses from 2007 and beyond to increase shareholder returns.”