Cadbury's share price dropped 6p on Wednesday after the company's interim results presentation. Chief financial officer David Kappler said the market may have misunderstood some of the figures "and I take some responsibility for that". The results were ahead of most analysts' expectations, with a 16% increase in underlying earnings per share. However, Dr Pepper volume increases were read as disappointing. Kappler said these results should not be taken in isolation, and analysts needed to look at the half year figures. "The artificial [quarterly] reporting structure shows up a weak April after a strong March ­ it doesn't reflect trading realities." Beverages showed the strongest growth, with confectionery "satisfactory" but slow in the UK. The UK s reducing shelf space for food products has affected impulse sales, said Kappler, but Cadbury and Trebor Bassett are to be combined to gain more influence on display decisions. Good sales are reported in Europe and in new markets China and India. Cadbury has also been able to reduce the losses it has incurred in Germany and Russia. It now has very little debt, said Kappler, and is still keen to make acquisitions ­ but the prices being asked for companies such as for Nabisco have been too high. {{NEWS }}