Beef processors are calling for the rising costs of raw material to be passed on to consumers.
The British Meat Processors Association said the rising prices for beef cattle, and particularly forequarters and flanks, must be reflected in prices for consumers.
Peter Scott, director with the BMPA, said: “Prices of forequarter beef have risen by as much as 20% over the last three to four months.”
He said while demand for hindquarter cuts could be supplemented by high quality imports, forequarters were more difficult. “The return of British OTMS beef to the food chain
has still to be resolved and Irish beef, which has traditionally found a ready market in Great Britain, has found alternative markets in Europe.”
He said the situation was being exacerbated by tightening British supplies and the uncertainty over CAP reform.
“BMPA beef processors and manufacturers are flagging up that the days of cheap mince and burgers are coming to an end.”