Anthony Rowcliffe & Son, which imported the Camembert at the centre of an E Coli scare this week, says it has contacted 80 specialist retailers who were supplied the cheese in a bid to prevent its sale.

Around half of the cheese, which was brought in from France, was supplied to Waitrose, which has taken the suspect stock of its shelves.

But the remainder was sent to smaller outlets and there were fears news of the recall would not reach them.

However, Anthony Rowcliffe staff spent Sunday and Monday calling each of their customers to warn them of the threat. The company said it believed it had reached all customers who may have bought the cheese.

The alert was raised after four children in France were reported ill with E Coli poisoning. Experts traced the source of the outbreak back to Camembert manufactured by Laiterie Fromagerie du Val d’Ay.

It then emerged that Anthony Rowcliffe’s customers had been supplied with cheese from the same supplier. To date there are no reported cases of E Coli poisoning in the UK that can be linked to the cheese.