Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands has launched the latest promotion in its £1.2m summer investment package for Southern Comfort.

The campaign is aimed at promoting pitchers of Southern Comfort, lime and lemonade through both the on and off-trades and will include a new TV ad. The off-trade promotion will offer consumers a pitcher pack with each bottle of Southern Comfort they purchase while the new ad, Suspended Moments, is intended to highlight the brand as a sociable drink.

“From experience we know on and off-trade promotions work well when supported by TV and other awareness drivers,” said Neil Aitken, regional marketing manager.

“The new TV advertisement continues our theme of capturing the great energy and atmosphere created when friends get together.

“By fusing this with music, special effects and bold graphics we can relate to our target market of young, sociable people.”

The promotion will also include digital and outdoor posters from this week.