Brewer Greene King is hoping a £2m campaign aimed at emphasising the provenance of its IPA brand will bring new drinkers into cask ale.

The push is designed to position the beer as 'The Pint With Nothing to Prove' and breaks this week with print advertising based around the Rugby World Cup.

The adverts compare the authenticity of Greene King IPA with spoof examples of beers from the nations England is competing against in the tournament, highlighting the exaggerated claims that some brands make about their provenance.

"Our new ad campaign is designed to help make cask ale relevant to a new generation of drinkers, many of whom are rugby fans," said Fiona Hope, marketing director for the brewer.

"Rugby fans tend to reflect the brand's attributes of self-assurance, independence and a lack of pretentiousness. They know their tastes and are not affected by passing fads," she added.

The campaign will run for 11 weeks, which marks the first time the brand has appeared on television in four years. A 48-sheet outdoor poster campaign will run over the same period.

It breaks on 14 September before England's match against South Africa in Paris. The print adverts will appear in national broadsheets such as The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph as well as The Evening Standard.