Cadbury Trebor Bassett is kicking off the new year with a £4.5m push for its traditional seasonal stalwart Creme Egg.

The activity will feature the strapline Here Today, Goo Tomorrow, which for the first time in 28 years will not focus on how people eat their eggs. The TV ads feature the egg starring as a character in its own right, and have been designed to highlight what makes the egg distinctive - the goo in the middle.

Each of the 20 different 10 and 20-second executions show the egg on amusing missions trying to release its goo.

"As this Easter is shorter than 2007, the high spend should ensure there is interest in the brand right from January," said Kate Harding, acting head of customer relations.

The TV campaign will be supported by outdoor and online activity. Cadbury first launched the How Do You Eat Yours? campaign in 1985, following it up with Eat It Your Way in 2006.