Juicy Drop Pop Budget: Undisclosed 
Manufacturer: Topps

Topps kicked off its second major TV campaign for the year at the end of August with adverts for its Juicy Drop Pop and Mega Mouth Candy Spray products. The adverts, which appeared on Channel 5, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and on ITV during children's programming, demonstrated the fun nature of the novelty confectionery.

M&M's, Maltesers, Galaxy Minstrels Budget: £830,000 
Manufacturer: Masterfoods

Masterfoods demonstrated how good its pouch products are for sharing with a campaign that focused on people choosing the snacks while at the cinema. The advert highlighted the benefits of the easy-open tear strip packaging and showed people watching a film and fighting over who gets the next handful of sweets. The commercial was part of an on-pack cinema ticket promotion.

Smarties Budget: Undisclosed 
Manufacturer: Nestlé Rowntree

Nestlé Rowntree appealed to mums with TV advertising for its children's confectionery brand Smarties by talking up the reformulated recipe. The creative shows a child announcing the fact that none of the different coloured Smarties contains artificial additives, then his mother picks him up and says: "Which means there are no artificial colours in him."