Malt loaf brand Soreen has unveiled its latest advertising, which features comments from loyal fans.

The three versions, which aim to communicate the 'great taste' message, display the strapline: 'Are you as keen on the great taste of Soreen?'

The six and 48-sheet posters will initially be seen around 19 Asda stores in the north west of England. Soreen will also be running a trolley campaign in the stores.

Visuals include a rock fan from Northampton with a 'malt loaf rocks' tattoo and a sports fan who pledges 'I'll eat anything in a Soreen wrapper'.

"We have a incredibly loyal set of consumers who care enough to write in and tell us how they buy and consume the products," said marketing manager Elizabeth Morgan.

"The aim of the campaign was to challenge consumers to ask themselves if they are as keen on Soreen as our fruity fans," she said. It was also to remind consumers that may have forgotten how good it tastes. "The number of emails and amount of post we receive is staggering," she added.