United Biscuits is turning the spotlight on its Go Ahead! brand in a £1.2m TV campaign. The new TV ad, on air from next month, focuses on the Go Ahead! Yoghurt Breaks range and is intended to push the bars as a hunger-stopping snack rather than just a treat. It features a hungry woman ignoring an ice cream stall in favour of a Go Ahead! Yoghurt Breaks bar. In conjunction with the TV push, which runs to the end of August, the company is offering consumers 30p money-off coupons on its website. United Biscuits ploughed more than £10m into major key brand launches at the beginning of the year, including Go Ahead! Wholemeal, a range of lower-fat boxed and bagged snacks. Go Ahead!'s sales grew 29% to £48.5m in the year to April [Nielsen].