manufacturer Walkers

brand Walkers

budget undisclosed

Walkers is back on TV with a new ad that shows Gary Lineker dressed as a sunflower to highlight the fact that its core range of crisps are now cooked in a new blend of cooking oil that contains vegetable and sunflower oil.

Highland Spring

manufacturer Highland Spring

brand Highland Spring

budget undisclosed

Breaking on Monday (April 18), the new TV ad campaign for Highland Spring - The Journey - captures the rollercoaster journey of water from rain cloud to bottle. Running for four weeks, the ad is shown on several channels including Carlton and Channel 4.


manufacturer PepsiCo

brand Tropicana

budget £4.5m

Shot in New York, the new TV ad for Tropicana uses a number of classic city breakfast scenes to illustrate the ‘city that never sleeps’ having the most eclectic and best breakfasts on offer. The 40-second execution is accompanied by Dean Martin singing Eggs in the Morning.


manufacturer Nestlé

brand Coffee-Mate

budget part of a £3m spend

The new ad campaign for Coffee-Mate focuses on how the coffee creamer improves your coffee, telling consumers there may be other things they want to improve. One of the press ads shows a girl trying to improve her boyfriend by ‘giving him a new face’.