manufacturer Vimto Soft Drinks
brand Vimto
budget part of a £3.5m spend

Comedian Matt Lucas has supplied the voiceover for Vimto’s new TV advertising campaign featuring animated brand ambassador Purple Ronnie. The ad, with a 1970s retro disco theme, shows a gyrating Ronnie.
Ocean Spray
manufacturer Gerber Foods
brand Ocean Spray
budget £1.1m

Ocean Spray is hitting TV screens next week as part of a £4m support package for its trio of white cranberry flavours. Breaking on Monday and running for six weeks, the advertising focuses on the white berries used to give the soft drink a new colour.
manufacturer Nestlé
brand Nesquik
budget £2.5m

Nestlé has turned the spotlight on Nesquik in a new ad campaign which breaks this week on radio - including radio sponsorship - and on posters. Broadcast executions feature humorous school scenarios and carry the strapline ‘Happiness quick with tasty Nesquik’.doo-wap
manufacturer Harry’s Group
brand Doo-Wap
budget part of a £1m spend

The first TV advertising for Doo-Wap lunchbox foods brings to life a cartoon fox called Doo-Wap.
The 20-second execution features the fox and his school chums eager for the break time bell to ring so they can dash outside and enjoy the snacking products.