Walkers sensations

manufacturer Walkers

brand Walkers Sensations

budget £2.5m

Society girl Tara Palmer Tomkinson plays a 50’s-style screen goddess who consults ‘Doctor’ Gary Lineker to help her overcome her addiction to Walkers Poppadom Bites in the first TV ad for the snack.

manufacturer Crookes Healthcare

brand Nurofen

budget part of a £13m spend

Nurofen for Children is back on air with its successful ‘Miles of Smiles’ TV advertising campaign. Aimed at women with children, the execution shows a group of floating babies forming a figure 8 to represent the ‘up to eight hours, long lasting effect’ of the medicine.

manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline

brand Macleans

budget part of a £2.4m spend

GlaxoSmithKline has put the spotlight on its new improved Macleans Pristine Ice Whitening toothpaste in a new national press campaign. Running until late July, the two press executions invite consumers to ‘Discover the Power of a Whiter Smile’.Oxiclean

manufacturer Orange Glo Europe

brand OxiClean

budget undisclosed

New national television and satellite commercials to support the launch of stain remover OxiClean Active, from Orange Glo Europe, are aimed at highlighting the product’s unique fizzing action and its ability to remove stains ‘right before your eyes’.