manufacturer: Walkers
brand Wotsits: Twisted
budget: part of a £1.5m spend

Walkers is back on TV with a new ad to support the launch of Wotsits Twisted. The ad forms part of a new campaign for the brand and features a new character called Sid who causes mayhem wherever he goes.

Dairy Milk
manufacturer: Cadbury
brand: Dairy Milk
budget: part of a £35m spend

Cadbury has turned the spotlight on Dairy Milk in a new ‘Your Happiness Loves Cadbury’ campaign, while separate treatments will run behind Flake, Creme Egg and Roses. The campaign, which includes poster and press ads, is part of a £35m marketing spend.

manufacturer: Unilever Bestfoods
brand: Hellmann’s
budget: part of a £4.5m spend

Unilever is back on television screens to support its Hellmann’s snack sauce range, including the new BBQ variant.

The execution, which runs until the end of this month, forms part of Unilever’s £4.5m support package for the range throughout 2004.

Total Greek Yoghurt
manufacturer: FAGE
brand: Total Greek Yoghurt
budget: undisclosed

FAGE has put its Total Greek Yoghurt brand on TV for the first time in the brand’s 25-year history. The tongue-in-cheek ad coincides with the start of the Olympic Games in Athens and features a Greek god-like chef cooking with Total products.