manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline
brand Aquafresh
budget part of a £1.4m spend

GlaxoSmithKline has turned the spotlight on its Aquafresh sensory toothpaste range in a new TV campaign.
The 30-second ad aims to show that the daily ritual of brushing your teeth can turn into an exciting sensory experience with the range.
pringles dippers
manufacturer Procter & Gamble
brand Pringles Dippers
budget part of a £3m spend

Pringles Platypus returned to TV screens on Wednesday (September 15) in a second wave of advertising for Pringles Dippers. The characters are ready to repeat the performance they gave in the first series, this time in a 30-second ad running for two weeks.
manufacturer Lever Fabergé
brand Persil
budget part of a £9m spend

New TV ads for Persil support the third year of the laundry brand’s arts and crafts scheme - Messterpieces. The TV ad will spearhead the £9m MMS media support package which includes posters, radio, press, direct mail, on-line and point of sale. silver spoon
manufacturer Silver Spoon
brand Silver Spoon Light
budget £1m

The first TV campaign for Silver Spoon sugar in more than 20 years supports the launch of Silver Spoon Light.
The new ads star three fat LA rappers who sing about how they are going to ‘swap the streets for galleries and switch to the sugar that’s got fewer calories’.