Diet coke
Manufacturer: Coca-Cola
Brand: Diet Coke
Budget: undisclosed

New TV ads for Diet Coke focus on promoting the key sugar-free brand message. Building on the past success of campaigns such as the Diet Coke Hunk, viewers are introduced to a new fictional character, Tort the tortoise.

Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline
Brand: Macleans
Budget: part of a £2m spend

GSK is supporting its new Macleans White n’Shine with an ad campaign on I-vu - an interactive fashion and lifestyle medium sited in top UK hairdressers. The 20-second ads, aimed at those who care about their looks, focus on the benefits of using the product.

Manufacturer: Pfizer
Brand: Nicorette
Budget: part of a £5.5m spend

Nicorette is back on TV with a new execution called Nighty Night, which continues the anti-smoking brand’s award-winning Cravings Man theme. Nighty Night focuses on the Nicorette 16-hour patch, which avoids night-time delivery.

Manufacturer: Ryvita
Brand: Ryvita
Budget: undisclosed

Running throughout January and using the strapline ‘Get healthier with 5 minutes of crunches every day’, the new advertising campaign for Ryvita has been designed to encourage consumers to choose the crispbread brand as a regular healthier-eating product.