Dairylea tribites
Manufacturer: Kraft Foods
Brand: Dairylea
Budget: £1.7m

Kraft Foods has turned the spotlight on its Dairylea Tribites in a new TV ad.

Continuing with the Moo campaign, the Kung Fu cows are the stars of the execution.

Pizza Ristorante
Manufacturer: Dr. Oetker
Brand: Pizza Ristorante
Budget: part of a £2.5m spend

New TV advertising for Pizza Ristorante features a man and a woman enjoying the branded pizza for a romantic meal in what appears to be an Italian restaurant. But there is a twist to the tale. At the end of the ad, the camera zooms out to reveal the table sitting on a huge bridge, giving the message that you don’t need to be in an Italian restaurant to enjoy the Pizza Ristorante taste.

Knorr Beef Tonight
Manufacturer: Unilever UK Foods
Brand: Knorr
Budget: undisclosed

Unilever UK Foods has brought back Norman the Panda to front a television campaign for Knorr Beef Tonight. On screens now, the 40-second execution will run until April.

Coors fine light beer
Manufacturer: Coors Brewers
Brand: Coors Fine Light Beer
Budget: undisclosed

The new TV ad for Coors Fine Light Beer is set during a heatwave and focuses on three men looking for refreshment. They taste the ice cold beer and the scene changes dramatically as everything around them starts to freeze over.