A leading supplier is hoping to cash in on the growing interest in berries with the launch of an unusual variety.
JO Sims has brought in the first-ever imports to the UK of Canadian saskatoon berries this month. The fruit, also known as Juneberries or shadberries, is a member of the apple family and
is the size of a blueberry but tastes like a cherry or almond.
The company said the saskatoon lent itself naturally to infusion and would provide an ideal new unusual ingredient to the manufacturing sector in things like muffins, breads, yoghurts and cheeses.
The fruit is available in 100g snack packs for the retail sector, launched by Kestral Foods which has already claimed a number of supermarket listings.
Lee Doleman, general manager of ingredients with JO Sims, said: “Pioneered by the cranberry, blueberry and more the boysenberry, sales of berries have rocketed and now account for 80% of our ingredient sales.”