Volume sales of Magners cider rose again in the past quarter, prompting owner C&C Group to hail a continued recovery for the brand.

Despite a marginal decline in revenues of 0.3%, C&C said a “robust” performance in the UK off trade helped increase volumes by 4.8% in the three months to 30 November.

Despite continued off-trade growth at the expense of the on-trade, promotional activity and C&C’s absorption of the duty increase combined to deflate net revenue, the company said.

“The poor weather in the UK appears to have encouraged consumers to stay at home, weighting the festive demand further in favour of the off trade as a consequence,” a spokesman said.

“While the channel mix is inevitably negative for the revenue line, the good performance in the UK off trade leaves us confident that we have now achieved our initial goal of volume growth for Magners in line with the category market growth.”

C&C added it was still confident of achieving annual profits of between €102m and €106m.

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