Continued poor fishing in the Indian Ocean is beginning to raise concern among tuna processors, who have full order books without the comfort of guaranteed supplies from their traditional fleet operators. Changes in the way fishing is co-ordinated by the key players, like Taiwan, accounts for some of the reduced availability as boat owners are determined to keep selling prices at sensible levels, thus avoiding the collapse of world prices, which forced some boats out of business. Packers also suffered badly when selling prices fell so drastically last year on an over supplied market. Since then, improved awareness between the fishing companies and canners has proved beneficial. Competition remains strong among leading labels such as Princes and John West in the UK and other labels in Europe and North America, but any return to the loss making days seems unlikely. Recent reports confirming Heinz's commitment to the market demonstrates that strenuous efforts will continue to be made to grow the world market using a raw material resource which some experts believe is hardly exploited, due to its prolific breeding ability. {{M/E CANNED GOODS }}